Company Days

Company Days

Company Days

Company days are a core component of any company looking to strengthen the relationships between staff members, management, clients and the business. A well designed event will help you to strengthen and reinforce your ethics and values with the guests at the event. By using effective company days (in whatever format) you will be able to strengthen existing business relationships, build new partnerships and increase your clients’ and staff loyalty to you.

In close consultation with you, Black Swan will understand your objectives to design, plan and implement a single company day. or a series of them. to wow your guests and lead to improved business and staff performance.

There is no limit to the range of potential hospitality solutions including:

  • VIP treatment in castles, stately homes and country retreats
  • Exotic overseas locations
  • Multi-activity days
  • Golf days
  • Family fundays

Family days and multi-activity days are an essential ingredient in sustaining a cohesive corporate culture that inspires higher levels of productivity and loyalty. It is the most effective way to spread that culture across the company’s greatest resource; it’s people.

Every family day must be written around the numbers and age-band of children, but having organised hundreds of family days Black Swan Events will advise on the most suitable format for the profile, numbers, venue and available budget.

It’s a Knockout

It’s a Knockout is the ultimate fun, corporate team building event for your staff. It’s a Knockout can also be used as part client days, team building event or as a fun day out for you, your colleagues and their families.

It’s a Knockout can be tailored to suit events from 25 to 1,000 participants at locations throughout the UK and overseas. There are many forms of It’s a Knockout where the organisation and the props vary. At one end you can have the very visual and original BBC It’s a Knockout games together with the props seen in the massive 1970s and 80s television hit but you could also choose a more economic version that can handle more participants in a shorter time.

It’s a Knockout events are a great way letting off steam during or after a conference, leaving you with a day which will never be forgotten. It’s a Knockout is an excellent way of breaking the ice between company departments, boosting morale and having fun.