Interim Management

Interim Management

Interim management

Interim management is a flexible, short-term executive solution with long-term benefits for organisations and businesses going through change. Over recent years it has become an established executive resource strategy for enterprises and organisations in the private and public sector.

Many businesses now view interim management as a cost-effective and positive way to obtain highly specialised and valuable leadership skills at a time they are needed most. These skills can have an instrumental effect on a company’s sustainability, growth and survival. Interim Managers are by their nature talented people. They have to be highly experienced in line management. They have to be able to adapt rapidly to new cultures and operational processes and they have to be results driven with a dedication to leading change and making a difference. For this reason, interim management is not suited to everyone.

Interim management uses include:

  • Implementation of change programmes
  • Covering the sudden departure of key people where skills need to be replaced quickly
  • Turnaround scenarios requiring experienced, senior management input
  • Filling management skill gaps within the organisation.
  • Supplemental or freelance staff
  • Maternity cover