Venue finding

Venue finding

A free service

Black Swan Events prides itself in not just being able to source a venue but in sourcing a SUITABLE venue. This experience and service includes not only finding individual conference rooms/suites from over 4,000 UK and thousands more European conference venues but, if required providing current and impartial recommendations on particular facilities together with the advantages and disadvantages of a selection of venues.

Once you have chosen a venue that matches your requirements, we can use our network of contacts to secure you the best rates possible to complete your conference, meeting or event. We are experienced and know the rates that venues will accept to confirm your business. We ask all of the questions that you need to know when organising a conference or event and we report back to you with a list of options that match your exact requirements.

We work on an industry standard commission for any bookings we place and our commission does not affect the price you receive in any way. We challenge anyone to secure better rates.

Our free venue finding service saves you time, hassle and money.